Why Gentle Processing™

With Gentle Processing™ our focus goes beyond efficiency and compliance. This technology has been refined over decades of meticulous research and development to help food producers deliver the right taste profiles with high nutritional value. Our team will help deliver food that meets the highest standards, lasts longer , tastes better,  and is as nutritious as nature intended.

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Gentle Processing™ is on the cutting edge of food manufacturing technology. This process uses pure energy to heat the food item uniformly. This eradicates bacteria and microbes while retaining the flavour and nutrients within the product.

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Gentle Processing™ increases product shelf life by reducing enzymatic activity and slowing the process of decay. Gentle Processing™ is a non-invasive process, which means the treated foods retain more of their nutrients and natural flavors for greater lengths of time.

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Deactivate Harmful Bacteria & Spores

Uniform Drying & Dis-infestation

Extend Shelf Life & Retain Freshness

Benefits of

Complete Nutrient Retention

Improve Flavor Profiles

No Chemicals, Excessive Heat or High Pressure

About Gentle Processing™

Born in the grain basket of North America, Gentle Processing™is a compliment to the agricultural community’s commitment of producing an efficient food supply of fresh product  with high nutritional value.

Our team has over 100 years of collective experience of in food science and technical engineering. The support of the Canadian Government, the Government of Saskatchewan, the University of Saskatchewan, numerous manufacturing leaders, and industry representatives has helped us fine-tune the Gentle Processing™ technique and bring it to market.

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Services we offer

  • Research & Development

    With more than a century’s experience, our team of engineers will work to develop innovative solutions and creative new applications for Gentle Processing™ Technology. Intensive R&D is at the core of our organization.

  • Service & Support

    Implementing Gentle Processing™ into your food manufacturing operation is a long-term commitment. With ongoing expert support and custom-tailored solutions, you can deploy the system with utmost confidence and not only increase your operational efficiencies, but also your bottom line.

  • Toll Processing

    As we continue to grow our extensive network of customers, we are excited to offer toll processing services to third-party manufacturers. This allows more food & food ingredient manufacturers the ability to adopt Gentle Processing™ technology and to improve overall food standards without the need for a capital-intensive investment.

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