Product Examples:  Vegetable and fruit puree, milk powder, and infant formula

Gentle Processing™ Objective: Reduce microbial content and improve food safety to meet stringent standards on baby foods.

Dried food, prepackaged purees, and baby formula are part of a market that is expected to grow across the world. The demand for these foods is expected to grow to $30 billion in North America and $76 billion across the globe by 2025. Stringent regulations and food safety requirements support the growth of this market.

Infants and newborns are particularly vulnerable to foodborne illnesses due to their developing immune systems. When producing food for babies and infants, manufacturers and marketers are held to a stringent standard of food safety. Every element of the process must ensure the food is safe to consume by the baby, can be stored without the risk of contamination or rancidity, and delivers the nutrients promised on the label.

Gentle Processing™ surpasses these food safety standards by eliminating more microbes and preserving more nutrients than traditional methods of baby food processing.

Benefits of Gentle Processing™:

  • Enables efficient processing and manufacturing of baby formula.
  • Reduces microbial content in food, comprehensively destroying bacteria and spores.
  • Retains vitamins, minerals, pigments, antioxidants and flavours, producing a healthier, fresher and more appealing final product.
  • Extends the shelf life of baby products, reducing costs for retailers and parents.