Product Examples: Food Oils, juices, purees, milk

Gentle Processing™ Objective: Cell disintegration, microbial inactivation.

Foods in a liquid state will benefit from Gentle Processing™, to help extract oils and destroy harmful bacteria while retaining natural nutrients. Liquid milk and milk powder require uniform heating processes to destroy microbes and improve the shelf life of milk while preserving, natural fats and minerals. With growing demand for food oils, juices, and purees, Gentle Processing™ will help streamline the manufacturing process, increase food safety and help manufacturers meet increasing demand.

Benefits of Gentle Processing™:

  • Minimize the destructive impact of food processing on natural proteins present in milk and various nutrients in other liquids.
  • Retain vitamins, minerals, pigments, antioxidants and flavours, producing a healthier, fresher and more appetizing end product.
  • Improve the yield of oil extraction from certain foods and nuts