Product examples: Water based products (paint) and biomass byproducts in need of drying, marijuana & hemp - full flowers, fibres & hurd

Gentle Processing™ Objective: Remove water to assist in drying, use a gentle treatment for delicate CBD & terpenes profiles, substantially decrease drying times and increase processing efficiencies.

The global demand for environmentally friendly and renewable products is on the rise. Hemp fibres offer an excellent material for a myriad of uses but must first be conditioned and handled properly prior to use and to avoid spoilage due to rot and mould. As medicinal marijuana and CBD’s gain popularity there is also a movement towards legalized recreational use in North America and other parts of the world. The even drying, absolute disinfestation, and increased production capacities enabled by Gentle Processing™ are an ideal fit for the ever expanding hemp and marijuana markets.

Benefits of Gentle Processing™:

  • Reduces moisture content evenly and gently, increasing production capabilities and decreasing drying time.
  • Efficient drying of biomass and water based products.
  • Reduce microbes, spores, bacteria and prevent loss from spoilage