Product Examples: Dry or wet dog and cat food (pet food)

Gentle Processing™ Objective: Deactivate dangerous microbes, streamline production, and improve shelf life by decreasing enzymatic activity that causes rancidity.

Compared to all other nations, the United States has more dogs and cats per capita and in absolute terms. These pets are considered loyal companions and their well-being is gaining momentum as a top priority for consumers. A shift towards healthier food and balanced dietary recommendations has expanded the market for processed food for canines and felines.

However, the raw materials used in cat and dog foods requires extensive care when handling. Many wet and dry pet food products have elements of meat and wet ingredients, which are susceptible to contamination or infection. Outbreaks of Listeria, Salmonella, and Feline Calicivirus have been attributed to contaminated pet foods. Frequent outbreaks like these have called into question food safety practices and the future of international trade in wet and dry pet foods.

Gentle Processing™ can help eliminate dangerous bacteria in raw food material and augment the safety of the supply chain with safer foods that have a longer shelf life.  

Benefits of Gentle Processing™:

  • Disinfect wet ingredients used as raw material for pet food production
  • Deactivate common and potentially dangerous bacteria in pet food
  • Prevent mould during storage with a uniform thermal treatment
  • Improve the shelf life of pet food
  • Improve the taste profiles of pet food