Bridging the Agriculture & Food Trust Gaps- Gentle ProcessingTM

Posted by Gentle Processing™ on Jun 18, 2018

Increasing world population means that food production is one of the biggest challenges of the coming century.

While industrial processes are making production more efficient, keeping food fresh enough, for long enough, is also essential. This often means adding chemicals or using processes which trade nutrition and taste for shelf life.

At QMTI, we have developed Gentle ProcessingTM, which is a sustainable solution to these problems.

Intelligent Processing

Gentle ProcessingTM is a more intelligent way of keeping food safer than other interventions like intensive heat or pressure treatments, and uses absolutely no chemicals. Instead of acting on the structure of the food itself, Gentle ProcessingTM acts on its immediate environment as it is processed.

Our patented technology uses advanced knowledge of the way food is affected by energy, after it has been harvested. This is when it is at its most vulnerable to microbial infection and damage by its own chemical makeup.

Gentle ProcessingTM intervenes in the conditions which affect the ability of infections and rotting to develop.

Non- Invasive Therapy

Other methods of food treatment are already used to increase shelf life. Some chemical treatments are given to fruit and vegetables; but these are increasingly proving to have long term side effects which can lead to disease and allergies.

High pressure, or hyperbaric treatments destroy microbes after food has been packaged. This extends shelf life, but also exposes the whole of the product to the same intense pressure. It also means that, as infestations have had some time to grow, they will leave residue within the food.

While less harmful than chemical treatments, high pressure exposure also means the food loses nutritional value as its own internal structure is damaged.

Gentle ProcessingTM leaves no harmful residue and leaves food undamaged, ensuring maximum nutrition. More nutritional value in food lessens the pressure to produce at such high volumes.

Integrated Production

QTMI's technology is already being used to great effect. It is easy to integrate into current processes at source. Food producers of different sizes have found it very easy to incorporate Gentle ProcessingTM into their operations.

As the food is treated, immediately there is no need for costly, time consuming batch processing, once a certain quantity of food has been produced. This seamless process, rather than a two-stage batch process, is a revenue saving.

Gentle ProcessingTM technology works at an even pace, in line with the speed of production lines. This guarantees producers an evenly treated product, rather than batches which will always have unevenly processed items.

Future Proof

As QTMI's Gentle ProcessingTM grows in use, its benefits are not only being proven, but are producing unforeseen added value, both for producers and consumers.

A coming strand of QTMI's activities will be known as the Endo FactorTM.

Gentle ProcessingTM has been shown to produce a range of gases dependent on the food being processed. These gas by-products, or volatiles have potential uses of their own.

Although herbicides and pesticides will still be used by food producers, Gentle ProcessingTM  lowers residue from these chemicals. There may even be, nutritional by-products resulting from this process which could form part of the future health product industry.

Gentle ProcessingTM is a win-win for all those aspiring towards a more natural, healthier, nutritious system of food production.