Could Gentle Processing™ be the ultimate Solution for the Food Industry?

Posted by Gentle Processing™ on Mar 18, 2018

Decades of research and development have helped perfect a method of food processing based on the Quantum Mechanics principle. Gentle Processing™  will help the global food manufacturing industry move away from processes involving harmful chemicals, solvents, or excessive heat.

Quantum Mechanical Technology Inc. has patented the highly-engineered Gentle Processing™ technique and is rapidly bringing it to a market ripe for modernization.

Efficiently Preserving Nutrients

Traditional sterilization and pasteurisation invariably lowers the quality of food and its nutrients, while destroying bacteria. To mitigate this problem, the food industry adds scary ingredients and applies a range of dubious tactics to reduce the fat content, expand the shelf life, or enhance the flavour of food. As a result, most processed foods are not as healthy or nutritious as consumers are led to believe.     

Gentle Processing™ is a departure from traditional processing methods. It is a non-ionizing food treatment that raises the internal temperature of food to make the environment inhospitable for bacteria and fungi. By efficiently applying quantum energy, this process eradicates microbes while preserving the natural nutrients of the food being processed. Food processed by this patented technology avoids premature oxidation, which means it has a longer shelf life. The process also enhances flavour by reducing the bitterness and earthy undertones of certain plant-based ingredients.

The advantage of this technique is that food is only exposed to concentrated energy. A specialized array of electrodes, backed by patented software, targets the water molecules within food. This technology alternates the polarity of the water molecules millions of times every second, which causes heat on a molecular level and the vaporization that occurs. Heat eradicates the bacteria and helps to naturally preserves the food.  This eliminates the need for solvents, chemicals, or excessive heat for processing food.

Built-in energy efficiency also makes this process more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than traditional methods.

The Challenges of Making Gentle Processing Mainstream

The advantages of Gentle Processing™ are well documented. The equipment is built according to CSA safety specifications and complies with food safety standards across the world.  

Consumer awareness and entrenched industry practices are the only hurdles to mainstream adoption of this technology. A study published in the Journal of Food Science Education found that consumers were unaware of how their food was processed and packaged. The study found that consumers are generally willing to pay more for food when they are aware of the technology used to make the processing safer and healthier.

This willingness to pay could turn the tide in the food industry and encourage manufacturers to adopt Gentle Processing™ as part of their supply chain.

What’s Next For QMTI?

QMTI is well positioned for a spike in consumer awareness. The R&D team partners with food safety regulators, food science laboratories, bio-science research centres and universities to detect innovative ways that food can be processed. The firm continues to invest in leading-edge technologies that could help satisfy the growing demand for natural and healthy food across the world.