Advantages of Gentle Processing™

Increase Shelf Life

By interrupting the enzymatic activity responsible for premature oxidation and the resulting rancidity, Gentle Processing™ has the ability to increase the shelf life of foods and food oils. Without the use of any additives, foods exposed to Gentle Processing™ have shown significantly lower levels of peroxide when compared to untreated foods.  This has a significant effect on shelf life and provides a distinct advantage over existing processes. A short shelf life of a product will adversely affect its exportability, therefore a longer shelf life will undoubtedly open previously unreachable markets.

Maintain Nutritional Properties

Gentle Processing™ uses quantum energy that is non-ionizing in nature and therefore does no molecular level damage.  This gentle treatment does not use excessive heat, high pressure or chemicals and completely maintains the integrity of the natural nutrients within the food.

Reduce Microbes Naturally

The presence of harmful bacteria in food products can be lethal. Gentle Processing™ enables a safe, consequential reduction in microbial load without the use of any chemicals. A quantum energy field is used to eliminate the conditions necessary to support the growth of harmful bacteria and fungal matter.

Through our constant research and development initiatives, we are continually refining our technology and techniques. This has allowed us to focus on significantly improving microbe reduction whereby we claim to have the ability to provide an effective, low temperature “kill step” in the disinfestation and disinfection of food products. Unlike Gentle Processing™, current practices for reducing microbial load can include the use of harsh chemicals, solvents, excessive heat and high pressure.  Gentle Processing™ has shown a significant reduction in CFUs with the addition of numerous other advantages.

With growing public awareness and a shift towards greener technologies and chemical free alternatives, Gentle Processing™ will help expand these current market niches with its adaptability to process a wide variety of different foods.

Improve Flavor Profiles

Through third party sensory testing, Gentle Processing™ has been proven to improve flavour profiles by de-flavoring commodities for ingredient purposes. A major barrier to the commercialization and mainstream use of highly valued, plant-based protein sources are the undesirable flavour profiles of high concentration, plant-based protein sources such as soya beans, field peas and hemp hearts. The ability to improve and even eliminate bitterness, earthy undertones and unwanted flavour profiles will create competitive advantages in many different markets.