Green Food Processing Technology Uncovered

Imagine for a moment that practically everything we currently know about food production and the value of nutritional products is out of date! Can you envision that? It shouldn’t really be that hard since practically every other area of our lives have changed in the last decade or two.

Imagine you are a farmer that has just completed your 1952 crop year except for the first time all of the equipment was guided by GPS! Or imagine one of the other many areas in life that contain items or ideas once joked about as being science fiction or “too futuristic” but are now a part of everyday reality. Back in 1952, who would have ever envisioned standing in the middle of a field talking on a phone with an invisible connection that is sometimes more clear than a standard landline?

Now try again! Imagine that whatever processes you are currently using to process beans, grains, seeds and practically any other nutritional product, could be improved to increase production, reduce waste, improve food quality and release, until now, unavailable nutrition! That is what the scientists at QMTI have been up to, and now we are excited to expand our reach.

Human and Environmental Health

Fungi, bacteria and insect infestations can have a direct impact on the nutritional content and market value of any given product. Conventional drying results in uneven moisture content, leading to the growth of mould. Secondly, it causes temperature and moisture gradients in the product which results in internal and external stress cracks.

Treatment of food products by the highly-engineered Gentle Processing™ technique ensures the optimal band of moisture content. Preferential heating of water molecules and live microorganisms results in uniform drying and disinfestation, therefore increasing shelf life. This also ensures the elimination of small eggs (cysts) of pests and insects within the product.

Gentle Processing™ does no heat damage and does not result in loss of color or nutritional value.

When exposed to Gentle Processing™ water molecules tend to get polarized. These polarized molecules align themselves with a quantum energy field which is oscillating between positive and negative once every 37 nanoseconds. This rapid change in orientation causes internal friction and heat between the molecules causing their temperature to rise, eventually leading to vaporization.

Conventional technologies use energy in a way that transfers heat from the outer surface to the inner layers of a product via conduction, the heating is uneven across any cross section of the product being treated. Unlike conventional heating, moisture can efficiently be extracted from the inner layers of a product by using Gentle Processing™.

Gentle Processing™ allows for increased throughput that provides uniformity in heating, efficient moisture removal, microbe reduction and disinfestation.