What is Gentle Processing™?

  • Gentle Processing™ is proven technology that uses energy to process food & food ingredients in a way that enables complete nutritional preservation & nutrient retention.
  • Gentle Processing™ is a non-ionizing food treatment. When used correctly, Gentle Processing™ will not destroy the natural nutrients in anything being processed.  
  • Environmentally friendly – Gentle Processing™ uses only energy, nothing else!
  • A consequential process for reducing microbial load without the use of harsh chemicals.
  • An efficient alternative to bulky batch processing equipment requiring specific processing times and large product volumes being  processed at any given time.


Is it Safe?

Yes, absolutely! Gentle Processing™ equipment is manufactured to CSA safety specifications and each unit is certified as such, prior to leaving the factory.

Not only does Gentle Processing™ allow for a much safer food product, but the equipment itself has been engineered to contain the energy in a way that absolutely minimizes any potential harmful exposure. Testing has proven that Gentle Processing™ does not interfere with radio apparatus or electronics due to the ability of the equipment to contain the energy.

Gentle Processing™ equipment has been safely and successfully demonstrated on many food products.  These items then go on to be tested internally as well as at federally inspected laboratories and food processing facilities in North America and abroad.

How does it work?

Gentle Processing™ exposes food items to energy through a patented process that works with the water molecules inside of the food product being treated. This process causes the water molecules to align themselves with the optimum quantum energy, which then causes the polarity of the molecules to oscillate between positive and negative millions of times per second!

This rapid change in orientation causes internal friction and heat, resulting in an increase in temperature that eventually leads to the vaporization of some of the water molecules. This process of Gentle Processing™ is accomplished with a powerful CPU & patented software, in conjunction with engineered electrodes that have been adapted to emit the optimum energy, to treat the respective product.

Gentle Processing™ uses energy to treat food items with a process that is non-ionizing and non-chemical in nature. When compared to current standard practices of conventional infrared/gamma radiation and chemical fumigation; Gentle Processing™ is a superior alternative to many current industry best practices.  Green technologies such as Gentle Processing™are becoming increasingly sought after and generally of interest to the educated consumer and end user of the processed commodities.

Gentle Processing™ safely changes the internal environment of the treated product to become non-supportive to microbe development. This uniform treatment shortens processing time lines and increases efficiency.

How is it Different?

Current methods use heat, chemicals or pressure to treat food items at the expense of nutritional loss and changes to flavour profiles, but do not actually remove volatiles. Gentle Processing™ uses only energy, no chemicals or excessive heat, in the application of the minimal thermal process principle of food product sanitization. With current processes, conventional energy transfers heat from the outer surface to the inner layers of a product via conduction, which can be uneven across any given cross-section of the processed product. The ability of Gentle Processing™ to uniformly heat and penetrate the food product so deeply sets it apart from the other technologies that are unable to replicate these conditions and benefits.

Unlike conventional heating, Gentle Processing™ efficiently extracts moisture from the inner layers of a product. Gentle Processing™ technology creates a precise quantum energy field and evenly distributes it across the entire application. This efficiency provides an unmatched depth of penetration in a format that enables efficient, high-volume processing without changing the nutrient structure of the treated commodity.

Gentle Processing™ equipment generally requires less space compared to alternative processes that use conventional heating technology and batch processing methods. These require long heating times and large product volumes under processing at any given time.

The uniform treatment of Gentle Processing™ shortens processing timelines and increases throughput.

Gentle Processing™ uses ONLY energy to process raw food commodities in a way that enables complete nutritional preservation & nutrient retention.

Other benefits include:

  • Extended shelf life
  • Improved flavour profiles
  • Reduced microbial load
  • Uniform drying & disinfestation

Gentle Processing™ DOES NOT use chemicals, solvents, or excessive heat! By processing with the Minimal Thermal Process principle, Gentle Processing™ does not alter the nutritional value of the treated food items.