How Gentle Processing™ Will Impact the Future of Nutrition and Health?

Posted by Gentle Processing™ on Jan 22, 2019

Processing foods today is largely managed by corporations. The utilization of heat and freezing are among the more popular processing methods they employ. These processes have had their place in history for many generations.  The practices do make the food is safe for human consumption. The final product from processing in this manner, is not always as healthy as nature intended. We at Gentle Processing™ believe in a better way of processing foods in which the nutritional value of the product is always kept in check.

What is Gentle Processing™?

When heat is applied to a natural product, nutrients is lost in the process. With freezing methods, nitrogen is added to assist in fast freezing and keep ice crystals as small as possible. The results, however, can drastically alter the taste in some foods. Both processes are inferior to how we process foods at Gentle Processing™. Instead of harming the ingredient by intense heat of sub-zero temperatures, we choose energy. Our energy-based processing procedures eliminate bacteria while preserving the delicate nutritional structure of the ingredient. Foods taste better as no chemicals are added. What can that mean for your future health? The answer is quite simple.

Healthier Dining

When going to a restaurant, a diner is taking a risk. You do not know who is actually preparing and coming in contact with your food most of the time. Food is passed from prep cook, to cook, to the kitchen pass, and finally to the sever who brings it to your table. Food service workers are educated in clean food practices, but you can never truly be sure they are practicing what has been taught. On the contrary, all these individuals can be completely clean, but food can still have bacteria from processing. Food poisoning is a very real thing and you can never be completely sure where the infestation actually occurred. Gentle Processing™ is the solution.

Our patented process is not just available for big name food processing companies, but can be adapted to the food industry as well. The pass at a restaurant is the point where food is handed off to servers from the kitchen. Gentle Processing™ can happen here. Food service establishments would be wise to invest in our services at this point. By passing food through our energy process before it heads to the diner, food would be completely healthy and void of harmful bacteria. It would give the diner peace of mind as well as the establishment as there would be far less risk of food poisoning.

Distribution Centers

Like restaurants, food distribution centers are at risk for an outbreak. We have seen it many times with Romaine lettuce, beef, and many other mass-produced ingredients. By utilizing Gentle Processing™ at this point, listeria, E.coli, and other harmful bacteria based entities would disappear. Food would be safer even on the largest scale and again provide peace of mind for all involved.

Gentle Processing™ has the potential to impact so many industries and make food safer for all. When implemented into different points throughout food’s journey, the final product will be safe and free from harmful bacteria. Peace of mind is not for sale in the general sense, but with Gentle Processing™ we believe it is within reach. How is your food being processed?