Features of Gentle Processing™ Equipment

Hygienic Design

Our equipment is designed as per the highest hygienic standards. All contact areas are manufactured with food grade products and materials and the entire machine structure is built in stainless steel. Care and attention in our design efforts ensures that all necessary areas are easy to access for cleaning and replacement of consumables. Major assemblies in food areas and tight spaces are easily removable and where possible, angled surfaces have been used to avoid dust collection and if any fasteners happen to be missing, it does not expose hollow sections to dust. We take food safety seriously and it shows in our designs.

Operational Safety

All Gentle Processing™ equipment uses dual channel and redundant safety interlock mechanisms to prevent access to any hazardous areas of the machine while it is in operation. The equipment has been designed and manufactured to meet and exceed national and international health and safety standards and poses no risk to operators and bystanders alike.

High Quality

The equipment is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. The structural cabinets housing critical components are fully welded and not made of sheet on frame designs. All components are from  globally recognized brands, while electrical and mechanical assemblies are designed in-house to make troubleshooting and maintenance as simple as possible.

Easy to Use

Our control panels are designed with an easy to understand and intuitive touch screen  interface. Real time data on the operating status of the machine is available at all times. This user-friendly interface assists with any troubleshooting by providing helpful guides, live status of the controller, and automatic detection and warning of any active faults. This equipment has been designed with secure remote monitoring and operating capabilities to assist with monitoring, troubleshooting and repair.

Minimum technical requirements

Gentle Processing™ units offer a relatively compact design that can be easily retrofitted into existing facilities. The minimum technical requirement is a 3-phase electrical power supply on-site.  The ideal power supply would be 480v 3 phase but systems can be custom engineered to accommodate 240/480/575-volt, 3 phase power. Our engineering team can visit the facility and will custom tailor the appropriate solutions for any specific industry and enterprise requirements.