The Hidden Truth Behind The Food Industry- Foodless Food

Posted by Gentle Processing™ on Jun 18, 2018

Do ever wonder what exactly you are eating? Unless you have the opportunity to grow it on your own, we really never know. We do know though that with a quality food supply and proper dietary intake we live a happier healthier life. We have also learnt that food choices that are made lead to sickness and disease.

Over the past several decades we have strived to improve our food chain through GMO technology, sterilization processing and chemically enriched foods. We have seen improvements in our yields, shelf life of finished goods and product taste profiles to the consumer.

What comes to mind is that with all of these manmade improvements we continue to have little change in this rise of health conditions such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, allergies, attention deficit disorders, I could go on and on. Although we are improving symptoms with the use of pharmaceutical therapies, the numbers continue to grow.

Does it make sense that with today’s technology we have to remove all of the vital nutrients offered by nature through sterilization processing then replace them with synthetic fortified nutrition? Does your body know how to identify these manmade substances? These where designed to protect, but could they be responsible for our growing health challenges?

Looking at all other species on the planet, even though we are damaging their environment with unrecognizable toxins, they still look to nature to ensure their existence and survival.

Today we have the potential to change by embracing the challenge to not only work with our bodies to provide a quality food supply, but work with the natural process and give back to nature.

‘We must realize that good nutrition is the path to life, the simple most important factor in good health, a sound mind and long life. We are what we eat – and what we do not eat. The body molds to the foods we put into it – for better or worse.’ Dr. Bernard Jensen.

Quantum Mechanical Technology Inc (QMTI) through its environmentally friendly efforts is working with energies provide by nature to better our food supply. QMTI’s Gentle Processing™ (GP™) is able to maintain natural nutritional levels in our food chain. The benefits GP™ offer is similar to our present out dated manufacturing practices without chemicals, solvents, or excessive heat processing. GP™ has shown to provide food safety, extended shelf life and real home grown nutrition.

It only makes sense to us that if our body had a choice, it would be real nutrition over synthetic. There may be a potential to prevent sickness and environmental destruction by embracing GP™ as the new green symbol which ensures you are getting not Foodless Food, but Real Food just as nature intended.