Your Breakfast Cereal-Just Sugar or is There More Going on in There

Posted by Gentle Processing™ on Oct 30, 2018

Breakfast cereal has become a common staple of people in practically every country. Everyone has their favorite and this is one food that spans all age groups as well as all genres of people. That cannot be stated of all breakfast foods, but since the first cereal Granula, invented in 1863 by James Caleb Jackson, cereal has been a success.

Today’s cereals, however, can hide a significant secret that many do not even consider. Harmful additives, preservatives, and even excess sugar can make your, seemingly healthy cereal, an unhealthy addition to your daily routine. It is time we take hold of breakfast once again and regain its healthy nature. It is the most important meal of the day, so it should be the healthiest. So, what is really going on in there? Here are just a few things to look for.

Watch Your Sugars

Children and adults alike enjoy a bit of sweetness with their morning bowl of cereal. A little sugar is fine, but some children’s cereals take it to the extreme by adding marshmallows and other empty calorie additives to the product. Too much sugar is a bad thing and leads to obesity and diabetes in both children and adults.

It is not only the amount of sugar to consider, but the type. Most breakfast cereals utilize brown sugars, white sugars, malt, and corn syrup. Naturally sweetened cereals have sweeteners such as honey or dried fruits. Always look at what type of sugar and how much is added per serving.

Grain Type and Preparation

Whole grains always reign supreme as superior foods, but sometimes consumers fail to realize their true significance. As grains go through the process of being manufactured into cereals, they lose much of their vitamin power. Thus, most companies add additional vitamins into the process, but it is ultimately more nutritious to simply enjoy the whole grain in its natural form. With some cereals, the grains are so stripped away, the end result is nothing more than an unhealthy crunchy matter with only artificial flavors and nutrients added in. True whole grains are always your best friend when shopping for cereal for your family.

Gentle Processing™

Foods are designed to have life within them, but general processing methods utilize excessive heat and rely on harmful preservatives. We at Gentle Processing™ believe in maintaining the integrity of food therefore we utilize energy to gently process foods to retain their original vital nutrients for consumers. It is during our process that harmful bacteria and enzymes within the food are neutralized improving shelf life and food safety.

The results from our specialized process allows for those pursuing an organic diet to find foods that are preservative free and abundant in nutrients just the way mother nature intended. Nothing is given up during the process, it is just a gentler approach to food preparation. The Gentle Processing™ team is continually advancing their technology to include various types of foods to enhance their reach to consumers. How is your food being processed?