Product Examples: Almond, Hazelnut, Brazil nut, Walnut, Pecan and Pistachio nuts

Gentle Processing™ Objective: Improve protein efficiency, potentially lower allergenicity, reduce enzymatic activity to prevent premature oxidation and rancidity.

Plant-based proteins are more cost-effective than animal-based sources. A primary source of the “good” fats and healthy proteins are nuts. Nuts such as hazelnuts also deliver a number of nutrients that are considered beneficial for increasing overall cardiovascular health. However, storing nuts appropriately can be complicated and a large portion of the general population seems to be allergic to nuts.

Gentle Processing™ of nuts helps lock in the proteins and make them easier to absorb when consumed, reduces the risks of allergic reactions, and improves the shelf life of nuts.

Benefits of Gentle Processing™:

  • Uniform heating reduces moisture levels so that nuts do not mould in storage.
  • Food processing fortifies proteins and enhances the nutrients within nuts.
  • Reduces nonspecific lipid transfer proteins (nsLTPs) and seed storage proteins in most nuts to help mitigate the risks of allergic reactions.
  • Helps improve the flavour profile of nuts.
  • Uniform thermal processing prevents the nuts from cracking and preserves the texture of these foods.