Gentle Processing™ Journey

While working in Utah where food production, storage and nutritional values remain a high focus of the community, Dr. Michael Drabiuk and  Mr. Alan Ogden began to investigate ideas and methodologies to improve the food chain. With backgrounds in Complementary Health Care and Pharmacology there was a shared vision that without an improvement to society’s nutritional intake,  sickness and disease will continue to proliferate. The idea that this change must start with raw foods and food ingredients has built the foundation for research into how we can maximize Nutrition the way Nature Intended.

With roots in Western Canada, an agricultural powerhouse and export leader on a global scale, Quantum Mechanical Technology Inc. was positioned in Saskatchewan to begin the research and development of what has evolved to become what is now known as Gentle Processing™. Since our start, we have designed and positioned an introductory prototype model and placed it at the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc., a CFIA regulated facility dedicated to assisting entrepreneurs in developing various food products and bringing them to market. We completed a variety of research and development with both the Saskatchewan Food Center and the University of Saskatchewan, which has been fundamental in fine tuning Gentle Processing™ technology.

Although there is more R&D and discovery to be completed this foundation, backed by third party data and support, has allowed us to pursue the commercial capabilities of Gentle Processing™ and we are excited to expand our ever-growing network of food processors and business partners.  Our aim is to improve the capabilities of food & food ingredient manufacturers and to assist in providing a healthier, nutritionally abundant food supply.