Gentle Processing™ capabilities can best be achieved through a business partnership in the form of a Servitization business model. Not only can we help you increase your bottom line without the significant capital investment of equipment ownership, but our aim is to be long term partners in growth, for the lifespan of the equipment and beyond.  With this partnership, we are committed to the successful operation of our Gentle Processing™ equipment with the intent of continually growing our businesses together with the pioneers ready to be on the leading edge of innovative food manufacturing processes.

With our Servitization model, we offer integrated comprehensive solutions that enable the following benefits:

  • Our knowledge of operating parameters (ambient conditions, operating modes, energy needs etc.), component design and manufacturing tolerances ensures long term, successful operation.
  • Expect reliable, high-output capabilities from Gentle Processing™ equipment; We set a top priority of reducing downtime to an absolute minimum in the event of unexpected breakdowns.
  • Advanced tooling, Lifetime product maintenance programs and software/firmware updates made available at no cost through our continuous R&D investment.
  • Custom designed solutions tailored to you business ideas and specifications from initial analysis, customized installation, commissioning and training; to customer specific  promotions & support agreements.
  • In-house training sessions to fully understand operating parameters and exposure rates. This empowers operators to control the application of the Gentle Processing™ technique to successfully achieve the desired outcome, based on individual specifications and capacities.
  • We are committed to pre-scheduled preventative maintenance, 24/7 service calls & troubleshooting, on-site repairs and sales of consumables.
  • With our diagnostic services, we can identify faults before they become failures and with our remote monitoring capabilities, we can help you instantly wherever you are in the world.
  • Equipment operation and maintenance is our responsibility, not yours. Our field service specialists are devoted to providing reliable and continuing support. Anywhere. Any Time.

Our commitment to customer service is supported by highly qualified field technicians available to you, anywhere in the world. Wherever your operation is located, our Gentle Processing™ technical specialists know your market expectations and they are available with rapid-response solutions that translate into measurable benefits with minimal downtime.

Our Help Desk is available by phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.