Product Examples: Peas, Dry beans, Lentils & Chickpeas

Gentle Processing™ Objective: Reduce volatiles, enhance flavour profiles, and boost food safety.

Pulses are more than just a great source of proteins. Low-fat and relatively inexpensive pulses offer a dynamic range of minerals and nutrients. Pulse crops also have a smaller carbon footprint as they do not require excessive chemicals or refrigeration during transport. However, the use of pulses as part of a healthy diet is in decline across the world. Part of the reason consumers have turned away from pulses is a shift in taste. Pulses do not appeal to the contemporary palate.

Gentle Processing™ enhances the flavour profiles of pulse crops and helps to keep them fresh, making them more accessible to different parts of the globe.

Benefits of Gentle Processing™:

  • Replaces fumigation for lentils, improving prospects for export.
  • Replaces methyl bromide as an insecticide for moth infestations in field peas due to eggs and larvae brought in with the harvest.
  • Reduces bitterness profiles of pea flour making it more marketable.
  • Lowers trypsin inhibitor & improves flavour profile of soya beans, improving prospects for export.
  • Lowers tannins in fava beans, potentially expanding the market beyond animal feed to human consumption.
  • Reduces losses of cocoa beans due to spoilage.