Research & Development

At Gentle Processing™, we have an amazing array of internal and external data and R&D expertise. We are constantly undergoing product trials and continue to discover new applications to add to the vast array of industries and products that can benefit from implementing the Gentle Processing™ technique into new, and existing markets. Our ongoing relationships with the Government of Canada, Government of Saskatchewan, the U of S College of Chemical and Biological Engineering, POS Biosciences, AgWest Bio and the Saskatchewan Ag Industry has enabled us to increase our R&D efforts through protocols that are in-line with industry standards.

We have completed initial trials and have ongoing R&D programs working with Pulse crops, oil seeds, malt barley, peas, and nutritional hemp that have been assisted by government programs and various industry leaders.

As we  broaden our scope for Gentle Processing™ this R&D model will become forefront in discovery of new and exciting applications to better our food supply.