Food Waste – An Ongoing Problem And How Gentle Processing Helps

Posted by Gentle Processing™ on Dec 11, 2018

Food waste has become an epidemic problem in today’s society. This is not merely a localized issue, but a world based problem. It is up to us to find a way to manage food waste in a more effective manner than merely allowing it to continue and Gentle Processing™ is the answer. A technologically advanced solution to an age old problem.

How Can We Fix This?

Waste must be managed accordingly, and Gentle Processing™ works to improve the ability of food to remain useable for longer periods of time to improve its chances of getting eaten rather than discarded. The root problem is not within the food, but how it is preserved. Preservatives added to the food can potentially be harmful to the body and therefore, many people turn to organic foods which tend to spoil much faster than preservative enhanced varieties.

The Gentle Process

Heat is the source of much of the current preservative processes on the market today. Food is heated to a level that is deemed safe and therefore pasteurized for human consumption. Where this does work to preserve food, it does not help with providing food to the body as nature intended with all vitamins and minerals intact. Heat deteriorates foods natural resources, therefore pasteurized foods are simply not as healthy as they could be.

The general public is currently crying out for more preservative free foods that still maintain their freshness for extended periods of time to avoid waste. Gentle Processing™ brings them the answer through an emphasis on energy during processing rather than heat.

With the emphasis on energy, our process for processing foods means that foods maintain their natural health elements without heat being a factor. Bacteria and microbes are the main issue with food spoilage along with fungus and insect infestations. Gentle Processing™ utilizes our energy emphasized process to eliminate these harmful issues without using any heat resources. Insects and their eggs can hide deep within harvested foods leading to catastrophic damage to the food once eggs hatch. Our process eliminates eggs as well unlike other processing measures currently available.

What Does All This Mean?

That is an excellent question. Basically, from the time food is harvested and throughout the processing process, food maintains its natural color, nutritional value, and does not utilize harmful chemicals. That means that you receive healthy, long lasting food products that you can feel good about giving your family without worrying about waste as with traditional methods. Food remains perfectly healthy for longer without the threat of bacteria, fungus, or underlying insects.

Gentle Processing™ works to improve the way you think about food by allowing you to get more nutrition from the food you eat promoting a healthier lifestyle. We also work to eliminate waste as much as possible. Consumers can feel good about purchasing Gentle Processing™ products and we want you to get more out of the foods you eat today. How is your food processed?