How Over processed Foods are a Bad Idea for Babies and Small Kids?

Posted by Gentle Processing™ on Nov 09, 2018

Food is fuel and nowhere is that more understood than the necessity of providing truly healthy foods for babies and small kids to ensure they grow into healthy adults. It is the job of parents to see to it that their little ones receive the necessary nutrients from the food they eat, but more over processed foods are finding their way into the diets of children everywhere. It is a bad trend and here are just a few of the reasons why over processed food is bad for babies and small children.

Stripped Away Essentials

Heat is how most foods are processed. The old pasteurization process, for example, uses high heat to ensure the overall safety of many products we use, but what is lost during the heating process are vital nutrients. Even though we add back chemically designed synthetic nutrients, there are many essentials which remain missing from the product.

Little Tummies

It is stated that the human stomach is roughly the size of our fist, or rather, should be the size of our fist. Some of us have managed to stretch our stomachs a bit more than others. A child has a considerably smaller fist and stomach than an adult, therefore it is important to ensure that all foods maximize nutrition needs with every meal as kids eat less but are in need of vital nutrients. Over processed foods simply do not maintain adequate nutrients for children and babies.

Harmful Additives and Preservatives

Foods must be made shelf stable through some form of preservation. Over processed foods have no problem with being shelf stable as they are loaded with preservatives such as salts and other compounds. Preservatives may be fine for the food, but they are not good for children. For example, overindulging on sodium rich foods can lead to high blood pressure and conversely, sugar preservatives can lead to a lifetime of obesity and possible diabetes. Children need to be taught young the value of avoiding sugars, salts, and other preservatives to ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout their life.

Gentle Processing™

We at Gentle Processing™ understand the need for preserving foods in the best way possible. Unlike other technologies that regularly over process products, we have chosen a different path. Our name says a lot about our beliefs. We provide technologies that gently process to maintain the vital nutrients in food just as nature intended. Gentle Processing™ helps to preserves foods by destroying harmful bacteria and insects responsible for rancidity and decay. It is a process that we have honed over the years and we believe in completely. If you are among the many looking to maximize your health and the health of your little ones, Gentle Processing™ is the answer.

What are you feeding your baby?