Gentle Processing™- Green Technology to Keep Food Fresh and Nutritious for Longer

Posted by Gentle Processing™ on Mar 16, 2018

Few of us appreciate the complexity of the global food supply chain. The produce you find in the local supermarket has been through multiple processes and transported across several miles to get to you. Over the course of this journey, the food is altered and modified in ways that could have an impact on your family’s health and well being.

Here are some of the ways your food is transformed on the way to your table and a new technology that could help keep your food fresher and healthier for longer than ever before:

The Downsides of Traditional Processing

Food processing is an unavoidable compromise of the modern food supply chain. Healthy food is usually healthiest when it is 1st harvested. Fresh and organic foods picked at the farm at the right moment have peak nutritional value and flavourful profiles.

However, this healthy food isn’t ready to consume, transport, or store for extended periods. However, transporting food is unavoidably long. For example, the eggs you consume for breakfast could have been laid weeks ago. Manufacturers and producers put the food through various processes to ensure the items are fit for consumption and can be stored on store shelves for as long as possible. Some vitamins in food are lost in this process. Unstable nutrients like folate, thiamine, vitamin C are more susceptible to this damage than other nutrients.

Altogether, the nutritional content of food is vastly reduced by milling, blanching, pasteurization, canning, and freezing. One of the most popular techniques of food processing is High Pressure Processing or HPP. HPP isn’t effective at eliminating bacteria spores or processing certain types of healthy food. The high-pressure food is subjected to under this technique can also reduce the nutritional content.

One of the best alternatives to these traditional food processes is Gentle Processing™.

About QMTI’s Gentle Processing™

QMTI, a state-of-the-art food research and equipment manufacturer based in Canada, studied the food supply chain in North America closely to develop a new strategy for processing foods - Gentle Processing™.

Gentle Processing™ is an innovative new way to process food that aims to not only extend shelf life but do much, much more. This technique uses  a non-evasive form of quantum energy, which is more natural and helps to sustain the nutrient level in healthy food.

Over the past few years, industry leaders in food manufacturing and packaging have been adopting Gentle Processing™ to extend the shelf life of produce, eliminate microorganisms and bacteria (including their spores) and help keep the healthy food tasty for longer.


Traditional food processing is a necessary compromise of the modern food supply chain. To keep food storable and consumable for longer, producers subject it to a variety of processes that could eliminate the nutritional value of the food you consume. The result is a food item that is safe to eat, but not as healthy as you expect.

A shift to a more advanced and effective method of food processing could help keep you and your family healthier. With wider adoption of this new technology, the nutrients in healthy food can be preserved without the need for harmful chemicals, destructive processing, or restrictive packaging.