Hemp Processing-Pros and Cons of How Oil is Extracted from Hemp

Posted by Gentle Processing™ on Jan 09, 2019

Hemp oil is all the rage these days with so many utilizing the substance as a medicinal tool. With such a surge in demand for the oil in recent years, manufacturers have turned to multiple processing methods to meet with demand. All standard hemp processing methods come with pros and cons. When purchasing such an important product as hemp oil, it is best to know the good and the possible bad of how your specific product is processed.

Ethanol or Olive Oil Extraction

One of the more popular methods for extracting hemp oil is with the use of ethanol or olive oil. Both substances are safe for human consumption but as a side effect from the extraction process, the final result maintains an unappealing taste along with an off-putting green hue. It is the chlorophyll that is removed along with the hemp oil that produces the taste and appearance. Although the chlorophyll is able to be removed, it takes with it much of the valuable properties of hemp oil.

Cold Press

For centuries, cold pressed olive oil has been among the best method for getting the most out of the olives. Therefore, it is easy to see how this method has been adapted to the hemp processing industry. The negative in this method is due to the sticky consistency of the process. Much of the oil can be lost due to this factor.

Super Critical CO2 Extraction

Hemp processing can be a relatively inexpensive process, but if you have the funds to purchase the expensive equipment, super critical CO2 extraction is a viable option. The resulting oil is rich in nutrients and produces an amber color.

Gentle Processing™

As with all forms of food and oil processing, we at Gentle Processing™ believe in a gentler way. Processing oils such as hemp oils can be tricky, but with our patented process hemp oil is extracted perfectly with the most nutrients and health benefits remaining in the oil. Gentle Processing™ utilizes a specialized energy based processing procedure that not only maintains nutrients, it also aids in avoiding rancidity in the product over time. Oxidation that regularly causes rancidity is eliminated. Consequently, bacteria that often forms in other processed hemp oils is eliminated as well.

Taste is also important to our Gentle Processing™ model and due to the lack of additional chemicals in our process, the oil produced maintains a pleasant taste. Our process stands out among the other methods of hemp processing available today as there are virtually zero negatives. Gentle Processing™ is already known for reducing moisture levels in foods to prevent microbial growth and bacterial infestations and we have adapted that process to hemp oil production for our clients as well.

With Gentle Processing™, hemp oil comes with the highest nutrient quality available without the degradation caused by excess heat. If you want to get the most from your hemp oil, trust products that are processed using Gentle Processing™. How is your hemp oil processed.